I am an Exit Planning Coach and Business Broker with the country’s clear market leader, Finn Business Sales. I specialise in assisting businesses owners prepare their business for sale and helping maximise the value of their asset by either introducing systems to increase both revenues and profits or introducing processes that ensure their business is ‘Sale Ready’ and maximising the value of the business. I have great sales and marketing experience & strong online advertising expertise. I also have extensive experience assisting existing business owners to sell their business once they have made the decision to move on.

With over 10 years experience in business management and ownership, I have been the Senior Manager, Founder and/or Major Shareholder in many different businesses and companies, ranging from small family operated concerns to large public companies.

Through my time as a business broker I have been able to identify what it takes to sell, scale and successfully exit a business. Through my experience I have found that most businesses are not ready to sell when they make the decision that they want to put the business on the market or that the business owner does not really want to sell but would rather keep the business if they could improve the business. I have put together a system that will ensure you achieve maximum value at the time of sale through successful exit planning and the best part about it is that you will enjoy the increased profits whilst being less involved in the day to day processes of running the business. and I will coach you through the process so we make sure that we achieve this result together.


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